CH-Forum 2016

CH-FORUM · Saturday, 19th November 2016
Neuchâtel · Ettore Arcais · CTAN

Being able to observe without judging is an important skill when practicing the Alexander Technique. In that quiet awareness, that transforms our perceptions and allows for a new state of being, we find the space to create new ways of thinking.

In this very practical hands-on <strong>Member-FORUM 2016</strong>, I will be revisiting and exploring with you Inhibition, Prevention and Direction and those fundamental procedures that are essential to learning, teaching and most importantly, practicing the Alexander Technique.

I’ll be assisted by Nathalie Sandoz, co-Director at the CTAN and by a team of experienced teachers coming from Spain, England, Northern Ireland and Italy
· Marta Baron Director of the newly open training school in Madrid, Spain
· Paolo Frigoli Director of the newly open training school in Brescia, Italy
· Kate Kelly assistant teacher at the CTC in London from 1988 till 2007
· Colin Beattie experienced AT and Shaw Method teacher from Belfast

<strong>DATE AND TIME</strong>
Saturday, November 19th 2016 from 10.30h – 16.30h
Arrival and enroll from 10.00h
1 hour lunch break and offered Apéro at the end of the day

Neuchâtel (the location will be announced later)

The courses are held in English. German and French translation available

SBAT/APSTA together with Ettore Arcais from CTAN

<strong>TRAINING HOURS</strong>
6 h

Please register by email to:
or by Post to: Karin Reinhard, Geschäftsstelle und Sekretariat, In den
Kleematten 10, 4105 Biel-Benken, Tel. 061 722 16 17

We are looking forward to working with you on 19th November in Neuchâtel.
Best Regards,